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Louise Warren

Employee Associate Director

Louise started her journey within Healthcare a little later in life having previously worked in Education, embarking upon a career change in 2010 and joining Chesterfield Royal Hospital in 2012 as an Operating Department Practitioner, specialising in anaesthetic care and support.

A keen advocate of Service Improvement,  Louise left Theatres to become a Service Improvement Facilitator for the Integrated Care Division.  Here, she worked alongside the Imaging department, Pharmacy and Therapies, and the Royal Academy of Improvement before becoming the Contract Implementation Manger for the Decontamination Unit outsourcing project.  In April 2021 Louise chose to transfer over to DFSF team to continue overseeing the contract which it holds and manages on the trust’s behalf.

Her role as Contract Implementation Manager saw her work alongside both the Trust and outside commercial companies in order to successfully transfer the services of both the Decontamination Unit and Endoscopy Decontamination Unit to STERIS IMS, a global sterile services company.  Louise is most proud of how smoothly the transition of service went, with all staff involved embracing the challenge of change and working as a collaborative team in order to ensure success was achieved for all involved.   This was accomplished by strengthening relationships between teams, increasing communications across areas, the introduction of a new electronic track and trace system along with training, and working to ensure all efforts were coordinated to deliver the project on time, whilst making sure all individuals were heard and responded to.

In July 2022 Louise was appointed as an Employee Associate Director.  She uses her skill set in developing teams and introducing change, as well as her extensive knowledge of how CRH works and the people within it, to help achieve her goal of ensuring DSFS continues to provide the best service it can to our patients. She also works to support our members of staff, alongside helping grow our company.

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