The Services DSFS Provides

Tailored for Healthcare

Hospitals and large healthcare organisations require a huge orchestra of services, often led by unsung heroes, to allow them to deliver the primary service of saving lives and making people feel better.

DSFS is a new and modern organisation that works hard to provide a major proportion of that background orchestra of services, without which hospitals and other healthcare organisations could not function.

“DSFS were the first choice to provide vital, core services to Chesterfield Royal Hospital”

Chief Operating Officer

Managing the Hospital’s Property

Our Facilities division provides a wide range of services.

  • Estates looking after the buildings and grounds
  • Porters and Theatre Porters
  • Security keeping the hospital safe
  • Domestic Services keeping things clean and hygienic
  • Patient Catering serving thousands of drinks and meals
  • Retail Outlets offering and managing restaurants and drinks throughout the hospital
  • Linen delivering clean and sterile linen across the hospital
  • Post delivering mail across the hospital
  • Facilities Admin managing and welcoming visitors and contractors
  • Patient Escort services

To find out more about each of these services visit our Facilities Services Page.

Technology Support

Clinical Engineering

Our Clinical Engineering department support our customers with the application of engineering knowledge to aid and advance patient/client care, providing a comprehensive pre-purchase, acceptance testing and service/maintenance for over 20,000 medical devices.  We also assist with medical device training, risk assessment, incident investigation and compliance with hazard and safety notices.

Patient Records

Our Patient Records team is responsible for delivering a timely and efficient service to all clients utilising the Patient Records service. The team retrieve case notes from around customer sites and are responsible for Data input into Patient Administration Systems.

ICT & Digital Services

Our ICT & Digital Services team provides a reliable and functional Information and Communications Technology Service, to deliver several different functions across DSFS and our customers, including provision of Technical Infrastructure, Clinical and Business Applications, an ICT Support function, an ICT Security and Governance function, an ICT Training function, an ICT Programme Management and Development function, Telephony services and switchboard management to key healthcare customers.

Commercial Services

Commercial & Business Delivery Team

A core business function within DSFS supporting the company, the team work to instil commercial values along with practical and effective governance. We create opportunities to further the long-term success of DSFS, ensuring we get the most out of our resources in support of health and social care services.  With a deep held belief that no idea is a bad idea for consideration, every new £1 we can generate as a company is a new £1 for patient care which we continually pursue.

Take a look at our commercial team leaflet.

Procurement Team

In partnership with our customers, our friendly Procurement team are here to support you with the smooth purchasing of good and services.  Providing structure, advice and guidance in the enabling of patient care and service delivery, Procurement are always happy to take your call.

Residencies Team

Managing the onsite residential accommodation for Chesterfield Royal Hospital.


Finance Team

Our finance team provide support to our customers to help ensure that every £1 of NHS funding received is spent wisely for the benefit of the local community.

We provide a responsive Financial Services function to ensure that suppliers are paid on time, raise income invoices to help income flow into the organisations, ensure VAT compliance, ensure we invest our cash wisely and ensure that the Trust’s charity monies are spent in accordance with donor’s wishes.

In addition, our Patient’s Accounts team ensures that patient’s belongings are kept safely, receipt banking income and support hospital visitors with travel claims. Our payroll team ensure that the company’s and customer’s valuable employees are paid on time and support employees with pension information.

Our Management Accounts team provide timely financial reports and advice to the company and customers whilst our Financial Accounting team provide support for the preparation of the statutory financial statements, financial governance, tax compliance, accounting for capital expenditure and ensure the finance systems are used to their best potential.