Day in the life of

Nicky Norton – Domestic Supervisor

My name is Nicky, I have worked within the trust for 5 years, my first position was as a PSA on EMU and I loved the hustle and bustle alongside the fabulous teamwork that makes Chesterfield Royal Hospital what it is and a great place to work.

My current role came by accident when helping during the early weeks of the pandemic assisting with new starters that were desperately needed in Domestic services. I found a passion for training, recruitment, and a desire to make a difference within DSFS.

I became a Domestic Supervisor, Union Representative and joined the Staff Partnership all within 12 months, I love the challenges that every day brings and the colleagues around me that inspire and support each other to create a great working environment.  

Nicola Norton, Domestic Supervisor, Union Representative and SPC Member

We have a passion to deliver excellence through our people.

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