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DSFS and our partner Sodexo Shortlisted for the Hospital Caterers Association Awards in the category of ‘Catering Team of the Year’

We are delighted to announce that the DSFS Patient Catering Team have been shortlisted for the Hospital Catering Association Awards, in the category ‘Catering Service of the Year’ the winners of which will be announced at the Leadership & Development Forum taking place on 20th and 21st of April 2023.

The patient catering team work closely with dieticians, ward staff and and our inpatient catering partner Sodexo to optimise patient care and improve nutritional outcomes.   The team have an ethos of continual improvements to the service, with quick responses and actions to feedback often running several projects simultaneously.

One such project is the ‘Help to Hydrate’ project which aimed to improve oral hydration for older patients within the Trust.  The team worked with dieticians and ward staff, demonstrating the ‘power of three’ in the excellent work to deliver this project.

Additionally, the team successfully delivered a monthly speciality snack programme to patients throughout 2022, funded using funds from the Chesterfield Royal Charity.   The purpose was to boost patient morale and well-being and facilitate greater interaction between patients and staff to improve patient nutritional outcomes. 

Also facilitated by the patient catering team was a hot meal service on ED to support patient flow during unprecedented waiting times.   Although none of the ‘normal’ practices applied, the team worked diligently to introduce a full meal provision within 24 hours.   This rapid response met the needs of the patient, whilst keeping within the constraints of the service, keeping food safety at the forefront. 

The recent Hospital Food Review and allergen guidance has highlighted catering in the hospital arena, with more people expressing an interest in nutrition and hydration, the entire catering team are eager to demonstrate their skills and service.  The last twelve months has seen positive changes in the team and as we continue to respond to the challenges faced by a busy hospital and an ever-changing world, we welcome the opportunity to showcase our team and highlight the integral role we play in the care of patients.

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