Facilities Services

Our Range of Facilities Services


Our Estates department look after buildings and the grounds around them for our customers; ensuring they are a safe and provide a pleasant environment for the people that use them through regular repairs and maintenance and as the needs of our customers change, extend, and renovate existing buildings or manage the construction of new sites.


Our porter team provide a service to our customers 24/7/365. The department is incredibly varied and a highly valued team contributing to the care of the patients by moving patients throughout the Hospital, facilitating waste management, delivering pathology samples, carrying out furniture removals, and in emergencies aid the movement of medical supplies.

Theatre Porters Team

Our Theatre reception is a small team of 16 people. Together we transfer patients from wards to theatre and then return after their surgery, in a kind and friendly manner.


Our Security Team provides a comprehensive 24/7/365 security service to Chesterfield Royal Hospital. The team perform a variety of duties that are essential in ensuring all patients, staff and visitors remain safe and buildings and equipment secure. All members of the team hold both SIA Licenses in Security and CCTV and undertake additional training in the management of violence and aggression to support their roles.

Domestic Services

Our Domestic Services team is the largest team in the organisation, working 24/7/365, carrying out on average 800 hours of cleaning per day.  The role of the Domestic Patient Service Assistant (PSA) is to ensure our customer’s environments are thoroughly cleaned in compliance with the Healthcare Cleaning Standards.  Domestic PSAs are the lifeblood of the NHS, keeping the premises clean, sanitary and hygienic.

Patient Catering

Our Patient Catering Team serves on average 1,200 meals and nearly 3,000 drinks to patients each day. The role of the Catering Patient Service Assistant (PSA) is to ensure the patients receive high quality food, ensuring it is compliant with food safety legislation and is aesthetically presented.  In addition to serving food the Catering PSAs serve drinks throughout the day, ensuring patients remain hydrated. 

Retail Outlets

The DSFS retail service includes the management of restaurants, mobile catering vehicles, coffee outlets (including COSTA coffee), convenience shops and one post office.  These are used by patients, staff and visitors.  At Chesterfield Royal Hospital the retail outlets are at the hub of the hospital, providing much needed refreshments for visitors, patients, and hospital and DSFS staff.


Our Linen team provides and delivers clean sterile linen items to multiple areas across Chesterfield Royal Hospital. Operating Monday to Friday but ensuring the provision of Linen 7-day period. The Linen team are also responsible for providing uniforms to all our DSFS people and employees of Chesterfield Royal Hospital. This is a vital service for the comfort and care of our patients.


Our DSFS post team ensure the swift delivery of external and internal mail to all areas across DSFS and Chesterfield Royal Hospital during the week.

Facilities Admin 

Our Facilities Admin team is a vital service that supports the DSFS Facilities Services, providing the Estates helpdesk which take, and log calls for the Estates team.  At Chesterfield Royal Hospital we manage the Estates reception where we welcome visitors and contractors on site, and the access control support systems, to name but a few services.  

Patient Escort 

Our Patient Escort Service supports Chesterfield Royal Hospital’s Outpatient Management team providing a vital service escorting patients to outpatient departments and assisting in the efficient operation of the Outpatient Management Service.